Sanders surrogate Nina Turner goes ballistic on CNN: Blacks vote Hillary because of 'brand loyalty'
Nina Turner speaks to CNN (screen grab)

Former Ohio state Sen. Nina Turner (D) asserted on Monday that "brand loyalty" was causing African-American voters to support Hillary Clinton in spite of her 1996 remarks about "super-predators."

After Bill Clinton recently shouted down Black Lives Matter protesters who disagreed with the use of the term "super-predators" during his administration, Sanders called on the former president to apologize "for trying to defend what is indefensible."

On Monday, Turner told CNN's Chris Cuomo that black voters "cannot be super-predators and then a firewall [for Hillary Clinton] in 2016."

"African-Americans for far too long have been painted as the other," she explained. "And the term itself -- predator -- is bad enough. Adding super-predator to it adds another dimension, and we know the impact that has on the African-American community."

Rep. Hakeen Jeffries noted that Hillary Clinton had apologized for using the term "super-predators" in the 1990s, and he argued that the focus on terminology was a sign of "desperation" from the Sanders campaign.

"You are right," Turner shot back. "Desperate people do desperate things and the Clinton campaign is very desperate right now... Let's talk about consistency. Sen. Sanders has been consistent standing up for the working poor and the middle class in this country. He doesn't change his message based on what will resonate with the voters."

"Some in the African-American community do feel used," she added. "I would argue that the secretary is enjoying this history, the brand loyalty that African-Americans tend to have."

Turner explained that she was "sick and tired of the Clinton campaign riding the back of President Obama."

"So, let's roll the tape," Turner challenged Jeffries. "Let's compare what [Sanders] said 30 or 40 years ago to the secretaries record up until this point and you will see who has been the most honest and consistent champion for the people of America."

"Well, we have rolled the tape," Jeffries replied. "And African-Americans throughout the country, including in your home state of Ohio, have consistently concluded that Secretary Clinton is best qualified to continue the Obama legacy."

"It's a brand loyalty going on there more than anything else," Turner concluded.

Watch the video below from CNN's New Day, broadcast April 11, 2016.