Trevor Noah mocks failed Trump pyramid scheme asking buyers for urine samples
Trevor Noah on Donald Trump's failed pyramid scheme (Screen capture)

Trevor Noah was all too happy to revisit the topic of Donald Trump on Wednesday -- not just because of his presidential campaign, but due to a failed business that was back in the spotlight.

As CBS News reported, the Republican presidential candidate boasted in 2009 that the Trump Network -- a "multi-level marketing" health supplement company -- would help participants "opt out of the recession" -- provided they paid Trump $497 for their "starter kit."

Trump went so far as to sign letters accompanying each kit and also recording a commercial in which he loudly promised that the network would give users "renewed hope."

"Why are you always shouting? You're two feet away from the camera," Noah yelled in response. "We can hear you! You don't have to shout like that! We have microphones for a reason."

The "recession-proof" venture failed within two and a half years, with at least one person telling CBS that she and her husband lost $10,000 as a result.

Noah was especially surprised to discover that one of the network's products, Privatest, claimed to help users "measure [their] body's cellular function" and develop specialized vitamins for them provided they sent in urine samples.

"This is the same guy who thought it was disgusting to even think of Hillary going to the bathroom," Noah pointed out, before wondering, "Maybe it's human pee that gives his hair that perfect ammonia shine."

Check out the video below: