An armed man in Ohio caused a standoff with police after neighbors reported that he was waiving a gun and shouting, "Trump is Lucifer."

According to WNEP, police were dispatched to a home in Butler Township to investigate reports of a man with a gun. After officers arrived on the scene, the man barricaded himself in a home.

Neighbors told the Standard Speaker that the man, who was only known as "Joe," would often shout about "the End Times." They speculated that a visit to the region by GOP hopeful Donald Trump triggered the episode.

Witnesses said that the man ranted about his opposition to gun control and birth control, but Trump was the target of most of his vitriol.

State police set up a perimeter around the man's home. And after a standoff with police that lasted an hour and a half, the man reportedly came out of the home and asked officers: “Why are you here?”

Neighbors recalled that the man was anti-social and engaged in “endless bizarre behavior.”

Several neighbors noted that the man had been buying weapons and hoarding gasoline.

“He has definitely been in military mode for some time,” the neighbor explained to the Standard Speaker.

Police said that the suspect was taken to a local hospital for evaluation. There were no reports of an arrest.