WATCH: Ohio cop helps drunk man find his marijuana
Marijuana leaf (Shutterstock)

An intoxicated Ohio man  asked a police officer to help him look for his missing marijuana, WKBN-Youngstown reported. In a body cam video posted to the station's website, 42-year old Dennis Wagner stops a cop to ask for his help. In the video, he appears to be drunk.

"Hey. I'm not gonna lie," Wagner begins. "I lost a little bit of my marijuana."

The cop, displaying a tremendous amount of patience, says, "Where at?"

"Somewhere around here. I don't know. But it's gone." Wagner says.

"How do you know you lost it?"

Wagner is straightforward: "'Cause I ain't got it on me."

The officer first tells Wagner to check his pockets, and then, when it's not there, tells him that they have to find it because he doesn't want a kid finding it.

The video shows the cop looking through the grass. "Here it is. I found it for you."

"Can you throw it back down for me?" Wagner asks.

The cop answers in the negative.

Wagner was given a ticket.

Watch the body cam video below: