WATCH: White councilman freaks out on black colleague for attending Kentucky Black Caucus event
Bardstown Councilman Bill Buckman (Bardstown city website)

A white Kentucky politician went on a rant Tuesday night, upset because the Kentucky Black Caucus only allows black politicians to join, WDRB reports.

Bardstown Councilman Bill Buckman had harsh words at the city council meeting after Councilwoman Kecia Copeland asked for reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses stemming from her attending a leadership meeting for the group. Local politicians generally expense such trips as long as they are related to their official duties.

Copeland said she attended the meeting on behalf of the Bardstown City Council, and was thus taken aback by Buckman's rebuke.

"I refuse to support the Kentucky Black Caucus. They're a racist, biased group," Buckman said at the meeting. "You can use that organization, and it's to better the black politicians and that's okay. But I'm not going to use the taxpayers' money to support it."

He went on to say that even "presidential-elect Ben Carson says congressional black caucuses are racist."

Copeland pointed out that it was ridiculous to call the group "racist" because, in part, it's associated with another legitimate organization.

"I really do not believe - and no one in the state of Kentucky would believe - that the Kentucky League of Cities would be affiliated with a racist group," she told WDRB. "That would not happen."

She also added that Buckman doesn't understand the organization.

"Their by-laws state it's only for black politicians," Buckman had said. "A white politician cannot join their organization. It's not an accepting organization."

Copeland said Buckman was mistaking the group's membership page for it's "by-laws."

"When you're reading a membership page, read it right and say it's a membership page and not by-laws," she said.

Buckman didn't respond to request for comment from WDRB.

Ultimately, the Council agreed to reimburse Copeland.

Watch the video, as posted by WDRB, here:

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