Bill O'Reilly filing $10 million lawsuit accusing ex-wife of infidelity

Fox News host Bill O'Reilly is suing his ex-wife for $10 million and accusing her of conducting an extramarital affair, Gawker reported on Monday.

The suit stated that Maureen McPhilmy misrepresented her settlement agreement with the Factor host "for the sole purpose of inducing [O'Reilly] to agree to a consensual divorce" in the hopes of using the money and property she gained from it to pay for her relationship.

Gawker stated that McPhilmy began dating Nassau County police Detective Jeffrey Gross after she separated from O'Reilly in 2010. O'Reilly reportedly responded by instigating an internal affairs investigation against Gross.

The suit was filed last month. An appeals court denied O'Reilly's appeal in February seeking custody of his two children, instead granting McPhilmy sole custody.

O'Reilly is also petitioning for records related to this suit to be sealed. His attorneys argued that the case should remain private because the host "is a public figure and matters concerning his personal life, marriage, and children, attract media attention, which, upon information and belief, caused the minor children extreme emotional distress."