California ice cream shop owner shuts down anti-Muslim bigot – and it’s all caught on video
Ice cream shop owner Cynthia Ramsay (Screenshot/ABC7)

Even ice cream couldn't make an Orange County bigot give up on his hate momentarily.

An ice cream shop owner in Orange, California, was forced to kick out a male customer who was verbally attacking two hijab-wearing Muslim customers, ABC7 reports.

Malaak Ammari and Nura Takkish were minding their own business, enjoying ice cream cones at Andrew's Ice Cream when a man started arguing with the cashier. When he left and came rushing back, looking at the two women, Ammari started recording on her cell phone.

The man pointed at them and said, "I don't want them in my country."

"I was really hurt because I'm American. I'm just as American as anyone else," Takkish told the station.

That when the ice cream shop's owner, Cynthia Ramsay, intervened.

"Everybody should be loved and accepted. Everybody should be welcome here," Ramsay said. "This is a community hangout."

Ramsay told the man to leave and gave him his money back.

Takkish and Ammari said the experience was, in the end, positive.

"Most people are like those women so I don't really look at it as a negative experience," she said, of the women running the shop. "I look at it as a very positive one."

Watch the report, from ABC7, here: