Elizabeth Warren laughs at Trump’s wimpy insults: ‘That’s the best you could come up with?’
Elizabeth Warren (Screenshot/YouTube)

Elizabeth Warren fired back at GOP front-runner Donald Trump, who called her "goofy."

Warren, a U.S. senator from Massachusetts and a legal scholar at Harvard Law, laid into Trump on his favorite medium, Twitter, even deploying some of his own tactics against him.

"I called out [Donald Trump] on Tuesday. 45 million saw it. He's so confident about his 'counter punch' he waited until Friday night. Lame," Warren tweeted.

In response to Warren's Twitter onslaught, Trump called her "goofy," which Warren laughed at in an interview posted by Policy Mic on Wednesday.

"Really? That's the best you could come up with?" Warren said. "I thought Donald Trump said he was a guy who was good with words."

In the interview, Warren also warned that electing Donald Trump will only result in economic inequality.

"I think it will be more of a government that works for a thin slice at the top, and a government that leaves everyone else behind," she said. "And the problem with that is it's not just government. [G]overnment becomes the tool then to have the economy work that way. So increasingly we live in a world where the economy works for a narrower and narrower slice of America."

She added that Washington "works great" if you can afford an army of lobbyists and lawyers and make large campaign contributions.

Watch the interview, as posted to YouTube, here: