Father busted for forcing 14-year-old daughter to marry the rapist who impregnated her
Keith Strawn and Aaron Seaton (Screenshot/Fox13)

An Idaho father will face jail time for forcing his young daughter to marry the man who raped her, Fox31 reports.

Keith Strawn will spend 120 days in jail for taking his 14-year-old daughter out of state to marry the 24-year-old man who had raped and impregnated her.

“While you spend those 120 day in jail, perhaps you will think about the 120 days your daughter was in a vile farce of a marriage to a rapist,” Judge Greg Moeller told Strawn at his Tuesday hearing. Strawn was convicted of one felony count of causing injury to a child.

Aaron Seaton has been convicted and is serving a 15-year sentence in connection to the rape, which impregnated the teen. She had a miscarriage, Fox13 reports. Court records obtained by the station show Strawn “harbored and protected” the man by letting him live with the girl.

Strawn's reasoning for what he did apparently stemmed from his reactionary beliefs about pregnancy and marriage.

“If you get them pregnant then you marry them,” he told Moeller.

But he also admitted what he did was wrong.

“I love my daughter very much and I would never do anything to intentionally harm her or put her in harm’s way,” Strawn told the judge. “I made the wrong decision, and I made that decision in duress.”

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