'Go back to Mexico': Trump supporter caught on tape berating Latino McDonald's employee
A Donald Trump supporter berates a Latino McDonald's employee. (Screen cap via Ang Hernandez on Facebook)

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump may say he "loves" Hispanics, but many of his hardcore supporters definitely do not. A viral video posted by insurance broker Ang Hernandez on Facebook this week shows an old white male wearing a pro-Trump "Make America Great Again" shirt sitting in a McDonald's and berating a Latino employee to "go back to Mexico!"

Hernandez says that the man was making fun of some of her clients who were trying to enjoy their meal at McDonald's, and he was also intentionally throwing trash on the ground to antagonize the Latino custodian.

"I seriously couldn't believe this," she writes on Facebook. "What is this world coming too?"

It's a question that many have asked multiple times in recent months.

Check out the full video below.