Horrified family receives pics of prisoner's autopsy from jail: 'For your family album'
Photo via Shutterstock

Victoria Sindelar of Ballantine, Montana received an envelope in the mail that contained a color photograph of her husband's bloody body. She also got two pages of black and white thumbnail photos from his autopsy, as well as a note saying "for your family album."

The Yellowstone County attorney’s office has now launched an investigation into how it got mailed from the jail, The Greatfalls Tribune reports.

Prosecutors are now asking for handwriting samples from 74-year-old James Douglas Sindelar, but he’s not an employee of the jail. He’s a convicted felon who is awaiting sentencing for the negligent homicide of his son Wesley Sindelar, who was Victoria’s husband.

The Deputy Chief of Criminal Operations doesn't intend to file charges if Sindelar was responsible for the images. Instead he says he will use them during the sentencing hearing Sindelar faces in June.