Kevin Spacey labels Donald Trump a 'disease'
Kevin Spacey (CBS)

Actor begins host routine at Cannes film festival charity event saying: ‘Foreign films contain two things Trump hates the most: foreigners and reading’

Kevin Spacey has laid into Donald Trump during a standup routine at the Cannes film festival, calling the Republican presidential hopeful a “disease”.

Performing at a event to raise money for Aids charities, Spacey opened his routine dressed as the late talk show host Johnny Carson. He told the audience that regular host, Sharon Stone, was unable to make it because she was fighting a disease, adding: “The name of the disease is Donald Trump.”

Continued Spacey: “Foreign films contain two things Donald Trump hates the most: foreigners and reading.” Warming to his theme, the actor said he could never “vote for a candidate who wasn’t in favour of separation of man and face,” in a reference to Trump’s chin. He added: “Donald Trump would probably love it here, because there are so many casinos to bankrupt.”

Spacey, who made several costume changes, also appeared dressed as Bill Clinton, telling the crowd he hadn’t ”seen so many red carpets since I went to a swingers party,” and adding: “Vote for [Hillary] and you’ll get me.”

Spacey also auctioned off a walk-on part in the hit Netflix series House of Cards, while in character as President Frank Underwood, for €500,000 (£385,000). A week-long stay for 12 guests at Leonardo DiCaprio’s home in Palm Springs went for €300,000.

Spacey joked: “Tonight you can bid on a stay at the Las Vegas home of Leonardo DiCaprio. It’s something very special; only a few hundred Victoria’s Secret models have had.” He added: “Orlando Bloom is gonna bid on that.” © Guardian News and Media 2016