Meet the shady fundraisers for Trump — including one guy who bribed NYC pension with $1 million
'Businessman toasting with a glass of whiskey and a cigar' (Shutterstock)

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow shed some light on Tuesday on some of the men the Republican National Committee (RNC) has chosen to raise funds for Donald Trump -- a fact that she said in and of itself changes his campaign.

"They are starting the effort of shoveling money to him," Maddow said, adding that after months of boasting about running a self-financed campaign, "he just raises money from rich people like all the other candidates do."

Heading the effort, she explained, was Steve Mnuchin, who she described last month as a "cartoon vulture villain" who was targeted by protesters over his business practices.

Mnuchen, Maddow said, was part of a group that "bought the scraps of a bank that had gone bust in the financial collapse, had taxpayers bail them out to the tune of $13 billion, and then themselves profited handsomely as they threw 35,000 California families out of their homes by foreclosing on the mortgages that these billionaire guys had bought for pennies on the dollar."

But other members of the RNC's "victory" team had their own questionable pasts, Maddow said, including venture capitalist Elliott Broidy, who admitted in 2009 that he gave New York state pension fund officials almost $1 million in gifts, including $75,000 that went toward a trip to Jerusalem by former state comptroller Alan Hevesi.

But despite pleading guilty to bribery, he never served any jail time, because he worked with prosecutors to implicate the officials who took the bribes.

"Nice work if you can get it," Maddow quipped. "And that guy was just named the vice chair of the Donald Trump 'Victory Fund' for the Republican National Committee. Where do they find these guys?"

Watch Maddow's commentary, as aired on Tuesday, below.