Neo-Nazis worship Taylor Swift as an 'Aryan Goddess' who's turning America on to fascism — here’s why
Taylor Swift arrives on the red carpet for the 57th Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on February 8, 2015 (AFP)

The rise of Donald Trump has been a major boost to the so-called "alt-right" faction of American conservatism that is basically a reheated form of neo-Nazism that happens to include a lot of anime memes. But while Trump is the alt-right's father figure, its mother figure might be none other than Taylor Swift.

Wait, what? Is the woman who has won America's heart with hits like "Shake It Off" and "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" is a secret fascist? Not at all -- but as this Broadly article explains, she's nonetheless been claimed as a symbol by the alt-right as an "Aryan Goddess" who is helping to spread their worldview.

"Taylor Swift is a pure Aryan goddess, like something out of classical Greek poetry. Athena reborn. That's the most important thing," Andre Anglin, author of the white supremacist blog the Daily Stormer, tells Broadly. "It is also an established fact that Taylor Swift is secretly a Nazi and is simply waiting for the time when Donald Trump makes it safe for her to come out and announce her Aryan agenda to the world. Probably, she will be betrothed to Trump's son, and they will be crowned American royalty."

How can a secret be an established fact, you ask? It's not really important because Anglin's creepy fantasies about Swift being married off to a Trumpspawn shouldn't be at all dissected logically.

This isn't just an American alt-right thing either, as there's an entire Facebook group dedicated to Taylor Swift bringing about the resurgence of a fascist Europe.

At any rate, you can now add "Taylor Swift's possible conversion to fascism" as another reason to fear a Trump presidency, although it should be pretty far down the list compared to the mass deportations and Muslim bans.