Father Michael Reilly's mouth must not have been ordained by God because he unleashed a string of obscenities and inappropriate remarks at St. Joseph By The Sea High School, a recently filed lawsuit claims.

According to the New York Daily News, Reilly called women “b*tches” or “tw*ts,” gay people were called “f*gs,” some teachers were referred to as “d*ckheads," and at one point he threatened to boot a black man “back to the jungle,” and kick a cancer patient “to the f*cking curb.”

In one incident, Reilly allegedly insulted an elderly staffer calling her a "F*ck crusty, she's a vodka-sh*tting b*tch that we don't need."

The lawsuit against him even alleges that the priest seemed incapable of having a conversation without dropping an f-bomb every few words. He “unleashed a constant stream of rude, crude and inappropriate remarks including saying the word f*ck in almost every sentence in some form,” the 12-page Manhattan Supreme Court filing reads. Documents also show he spread false rumors that one of the plaintiffs was a pedophile priest.

“[The] rude, crude and abusive language and actions committed by Father Reilly ... and condoned by the Archdiocese and Cardinal Dolan are offensive to the tenets of [plaintiffs’] religious beliefs,” the suit charges.

“This petty tyrant gets away with it because he gets backed up by the Archdiocese,” said Michael Dowd, attorney for plaintiffs Maureen Smith, Lawrence Boliak and Thomas Rodes. The priest allegedly has relationships with vice principal Robert Richard and dean of men Greg Manos who are named as the "henchmen" in the lawsuit.

In a statement released by the Archdiocese, the tipping point of inappropriate actions came when Boliak was accused of pulling down the pants of a former male student while on school grounds. They were quick to say, however, that no one called him a pedophile. But, Boliak says he grabbed the young man by the pants while trying to restrain him from a fight with Manos.

Boliak says he's undergoing treatment from a doctor for stress from the hostile work environment and that previous complaints to the Archdiocese about Reilly have gone unanswered.

Reilly has low rankings on "Rate my Teacher," as well with students describing him as "stubborn" and "biased." One student alleges he favored male students and told one student with high grades there wasn't any room in the honors program for him/her. Another called him the "World's biggest advertisement for atheism and against Catholic Church."