Oklahoma pastor busted twice at airport with pistol -- then says it's God's plan for gun safety
Rev. Alvin "Dobie" Weasel shows KETV where a gun was found in his carry-on luggage (KETV/screen grab)

An Oklahoma pastor who has been caught twice trying to carry a concealed weapon through airport security believes that it was all part of God's plan.

According to KETV, Rev. Alvin "Dobie" Weasel was charged with a misdemeanor on Sunday over a New Year's Eve incident when TSA officers found a weapon in his carry-on luggage.

"I had to pay a fine," Weasel explained to KETV during an interview at Eppley Airfield. "I had to meet with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and do an interview with two officers. I had to do an interview with a Transportation Security Administration officer."

"It's about 40 pounds and it's stuffed with everything," Weasel said of his backpack. "[I] think what happened was the gun fell in between two of the larger books."

In 2014, TSA agents had caught Weasel with a different handgun in the same bag.

Omaha interim prosecutor Tom Mumgaard told KETV that authorities could not let Weasel slide a second time.

"When it occurs twice with the same individual, it warrants prosecution," Mumgaard explained. "If you have a concealed weapon permit, you have an additional responsibility that comes with that permit and that is to at all times know where your weapon is."

Weasel speculated that his mistakes were part of God's plan to promote gun safety.

"[P]erhaps he's trying to use this so others can learn from my mistake and then perhaps he's using this to teach me, so that something worse wouldn't happen," the pastor said.

Watch the video below from KETV.