OOPS: Trump picks potential SCOTUS nom who was married to a #NeverTrump leader
Donald Trump (CNN)

Donald Trump released a list of 11 potential picks for the Supreme Court if he were to win the presidential election in November and among them is federal judge Diane Sykes.

Sykes was described by ThinkProgress as very conservative, with decisions that have broadly expanded employers' rights to deny birth control coverage to employees if they feel it opposes their religion, and arguing that anti-gay organizations should not lose federal funding despite discrimination.

Sykes, as it turns out, was married to a Wisconsin radio broadcaster who has been prominent in the #NeverTrump campaign, the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel reports.

Charlie Sykes tweeted support of his ex-wife but remained tepid on Trump.

The last time Sykes made headlines was when he confronted Trump, cornering him on his statements about women and past financial support of Democratic candidates.

"Mr. Trump I think probably you know where I stand on this race, and some of us have worked for decades in developing and advancing conservative ideas," Charlie Sykes said. "And I want to talk about your record, I mean you've given hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Clintons, to Harry Reid... in your book you insulted Ronald Reagan... so why shouldn't conservatives here in Wisconsin think that your claim to be a conservative is just a giant fraud?"

Trump admitted he didn't know that Sykes had declared himself a member of the #NeverTrump movement before agreeing to the interview.

Listen to the interview here: