Pennsylvania teacher compares accommodations for special needs students to appeasing Hitler
Nazi leader Adolf Hitler (AFP Photo/)

A Pennsylvania school teacher was forced to apologize after a student's mother discovered the teacher had compared accommodating special needs children with appeasing Hitler, ABC7 reports.

The comments were made in an email in 2014 but were obtained by the student's mother, Holly Miller, via a public records request due to an ongoing dispute over her daughter's education, Citizens' Voice reports.

“I truly regret what I wrote in that moment of frustration,” the teacher, Amy Kosco said in Monday’s written apology. “The fact of the matter is, that no matter what the situation, I care for all of my students. I have always been given the students with learning challenges, because I have always believed that every child has it in them to do amazing things. Again, I am truly sorry for any hurt that my words have caused. I will definitely learn and grow from this experience.”

According to Citizens' Voice, Kosco fired off the email in response to a request to provide support for Miller's daughter.

“There is absolutely nothing positive I can say to this. Shame on this district. It would be nice if we spent this much extra time on the regular Ed and gifted students. You know, those that are going to amount to something,” Kosco wrote. “This mom is absolutely nuts and the child is ignorant and insolent!”

The girl, now 12, attended Tenth Street Elementary, when the principal sent out a request for testing strategies to accommodate her needs.

“SO we are continuing to follow the policy of appeasement," Kosco wrote. "Look how that worked out with Hitler.”

Hitler is of course known for murderous policies toward people with disabilities.