Seth Meyers praises Colorado for giving Donald Trump the middle finger and going single payer
Seth Meyers calls BS on Trump's healthcare plan (Screen capture)

Republican presidential candidates all want to change Obamacare, they just have no idea how to do it. Monday night, Seth Meyers mocked Donald Trump for advocating scrapping Obamacare and replacing it with.... "something." He's not really sure what, but it'll certainly be.... "something."

Trump told CNN's Danna Bash he wants to "take care of everybody" but when she pressed him on how to do it, he had no policy suggestions. "Repeal and replace with something terrific," is Trump's policy proposal.

"Oh!" Meyers shouted in response. "Oh, something terrific! Trump talks in interviews like someone is giving him answers in his earpiece and the feed just cut out."

Trump's plan is about the same as the rest of the Republican party, however. Nothing. "Instead of providing subsidies and setting up exchanges, which Obamacare does, they claim consumers should be able to save money by buying insurance policies in other states."

Meyers then showed a clip of Trump talking about how we need to bring the "private sector in" and "get rid of the borders," meaning the state borders. Trump explained that borders are bad when you're talking about health care. "Watch that moment of existential panic when Trump realized he was arguing against borders," Meyers said showing this "oh sh*t" face:

[caption id="attachment_791411" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Donald Trump's biggest 'Oh Sh*t' face yet (Screen capture) Donald Trump's biggest 'Oh Sh*t' face yet (Screen capture)[/caption]

The problem with the logic is that a policy might be cheaper in Utah and a New Yorker could buy it, but it might not provide a solid option of available doctors in New York. Who can manage to fly to Utah when they need an emergency appendectomy?

Colorado might go a different route, scrapping Obamacare plan and trying out single-payer. Amendment 69 is called Colorado Care and would provide exactly that kind of plan. "That's right, the state that was one of the first to legalize weed in the U.S. can now also become the first to pass single-payer health care. Colorado doesn't care what the rest of the country thinks. Next, they're going to change the state bird to the middle finger. They even call it Amendment 69, because, in this plan, everyone gets taken care of."

The difference between the current system is a single-payer vs. multi-payer system is the state pays doctors and hospitals vs. what amounts to a cluster-f*ck. "In the cluster-f*ck system it seems like everyone's getting taken care of, but half the people are just getting screwed." The cluster-f*ck system also ends up with wildly different prices for what amounts to the exact same thing depending on your plan and even hospitals that are within miles of each other or across state lines.

In Cleveland, Ohio, for example, you can get an ultrasound for $522 but an hour away in Canton, Ohio, it costs only $183. "Our healthcare system is like if there was an Outback Steakhouse, where, depending on your table, your bloomin' onion is either $7.99 or $1,100."

The Koch Brothers notoriously attacked Obamacare with their creepy ad of Uncle Sam giving a woman a pap smear, but this time, they're fighting Colorado's law with ads that basically predict Armageddon. The United States remains the only wealthy nation in the world without a publicly financed, universal health care system. Other countries are spending as much as 80 percent less of what the U.S. is on out of pocket health costs.

"The French spend less on health care than us and they use cigarettes as pacifiers," Meyers joked.

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