Top GOPers push for Trump-Gingrich ticket: Six wives mean they 'certainly understand women'
Newt Gingrich speaks to ABC News (screen grab)

Ed Rollins, a top Republican consultant, asserted recently that Donald Trump should choose Newt Gingrich as his running mate because the two men's six marriages meant that they "certainly understand women."

On Monday, National Review's Eliana Johnson reported that some GOP insiders were predicting "the announcement of a Trump-Gingrich GOP ticket."

Rollins, who is a former Gingrich staffer, explained that Trump was open to the idea.

"I think Newt is lobbying to be the vice president, and I think their people are paying a lot of attention to him,” Rollins said. “It’d be a ticket with six former wives, kind of like a Henry VIII thing.”

“They certainly understand women," he added.

And according to the report, "Trump has come to value the former speaker’s opinions."

One source told Johnson that Gingrich fired off emails to Trump and his campaign staffers "countless times a day."

“I think he’s viewed as a very valuable ally to have,” Rollins said.

In 2012, Gingrich's second wife revealed that her husband had asked her for an "open marriage."

“And I just stared at him and he said, ‘Callista doesn’t care what I do,'” she told ABC News at the time. “He wanted an open marriage and I refused.”