69-year-old Florida man riddles woman’s home with bullets after she refuses to have sex with him
Howard Sparber (Sumter County Sheriff Office)

A man in The Villages, Florida was arrested this week after he allegedly shot up the home of a woman who refused to have sex with him.

According to ClickOrlando.com, Sumter County sheriff's deputies responded to reports of gun fire at the woman's home and arrested 69-year-old Howard Sparber.

Deputies said that Sparber fired dozens of gunshots to gain entry to the house, but the woman turned out not to be home at the time.

The suspect was said to still be holding Sig Sauer 9mm semiautomatic handgun when the deputies arrived. He was taken into custody without incident.

Two magazines -- one with 15-round capacity and another with 20-round capacity -- were also recovered by the deputies.

The woman said that she had been harassed by Sparber with sexual advances since November 2015. She told deputies that she feared for her life after Sparber pointed a gun at her on one occasion.

Deputies estimated that Sparber caused at least $3,000 in damages by firing rounds through the front door and into the kitchen cabinetry. He was charged with armed burglary, aggravated stalking, shooting into a dwelling and criminal mischief.