D-Lister Tila Tequila threatens to 'seek vengeance' on Sarah Silverman in unhinged anti-Semitic rant
Tila Tequila as 'Hitila' (Facebook)

Former reality TV star and Nazi devotee Tila Tequila's Twitter tirades took on a more sinister turn on Monday when she appeared to launch threats against comedian Sarah Silverman, Some entertainment reported.

The online encounter began after the former A Shot At Love star argued that Cleveland's NBA championship on Sunday was "a sign of Trump Presidency to come."

When one of her fans replied by saying, "Jesus will come back too just don't tell the Jews about it," Tequila began harassing the comedian, who is Jewish:

Silverman responded by writing, "You deserve love," which led Tequila -- born Tila Nguyen -- to escalate her attacks, as seen below:

The tirade grew to include anti-black and anti-Mexican posts, and Tequila showed no signs of remorse as of Monday night.