Deray McKesson: People are 'rightly concerned' about Hillary -- but Trump is evil
Deray McKesson speaks to USA Today in an interview published on June 29, 2016.

Activist and Baltimore City Schools official Deray McKesson disputed the idea that choosing between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump meant deciding on "the lesser of two evils."

"I think that this is an election potentially between a candidate that people are rightfully really concerned about and a candidate that is evil," McKesson told USA Today.

Without mentioning either by name, McKesson indicated that Trump was the "evil" candidate in his scenario. His concerns regarding Clinton, he said, stemmed from the pressure that he said it required for her to discuss race.

"I think it bleeds into so many other things," he explained. "So you think about, what does it mean that you have to sort of fight a nominee to come out with a criminal-justice platform, to come out with a platform about racial inequality, to come out and talk about these things?"

But without the support of black and Latino voters, he added, Clinton will not win the presidential election this November.

"She won't be able to govern without them," he said. "It is unfortunate that it took so much pressure for the platform to be responsive to those communities."

McKesson also made reference to last week's sit-in by House Democrats pushing for a vote on expanding gun safety laws, while predicting demonstrations by activists during next month's Democratic National Convention.

"It'll be interesting to see how the DNC responds to people in protest, given that congressmen literally just sat in and they seemed to validate that," he said.

As the Baltimore Sun reported, McKesson -- a former local mayoral candidate -- was named interim chief human capital officer for the local school district.

The activist has also drawn criticism for his work with Teach For America, a non-profit group accused of promoting privatized education.

Watch McKesson's interview with USA Today, as published on Wednesday, below.