'Dump With Trump' toilet paper is outselling Hillary Clinton toilet paper by 6-to-1
Donald Trump toilet paper (Photo via Kickstarter)

Donald Trump is the most unpopular major-party presidential candidate in recent American history, so it's not surprising that sales of anti-Trump paraphernalia have been increasing all year as he's moved closer and closer to the Republican nomination for the presidency. Quartz draws our attention to an article posted in Chinese state newspaper China Daily that reveals sales of toilet paper rolls with Trump's pouting face on them have been "rising rapidly" all year.

The toilet paper rolls, which have been given the brand name "Dump With Trump," are being manufactured by Chinese company Qingdao Wellpaper Industrial Co Ltd, which says it started experiencing a spike in sales in mid-February this year.

"At the start, orders were for around 100 rolls a time, but now we're getting orders for 5,000 rolls," a saleswoman told China Daily.

Incidentally, the company also sells toilet paper with Hillary Clinton's face on it, but the Trump toilet paper has outsold it by a ratio of 6-to-1.

This isn't the first time Trump-themed toilet paper has been in the news this year. In March, a company called Novelty Gyfts launched a Kickstarter project for Trump toilet paper called "Make America Poop Again." Sadly for the world, Kickstarter suspended the project on March 16th.