Fox host blames Obama for Orlando nightclub shooting before bodies can be recovered
Fox & Friends covers Orlando nightclub shooting (screen grab)

Fox News host Tucker Carlson suggested on Sunday that President Barack Obama shared the blame for killings at a gay nightclub in Orlando because his administration had downplayed Islamic terrorism.

While investigators were still recovering 20 or more dead bodies from Pulse Nightclub, Carson spoke to counterterrorism expert Sebastian Gorka.

"All Americans have a role to play," Gorka warned. "You must be aware you are on the front lines. Be alert and report anything that you see that is suspicious."

Citing a recent shooting in San Bernardino, Carlson argued that President Obama's administration had made America less safe by taking a politically correct view of Islamic-inspired terrorism.

"Doesn't the politicization of all of this, the relentless lying by the administration about the Islamic terror threat we face make it harder for people to want to step forward and say what they see?" the Fox News host opined.

"Absolutely, it's horrific," Gorka agreed, recalling that an Obama administration had spoken with him after he recently conducted a police training event.

"A young woman walks up from the administration, from the Department of Homeland Security and says, 'Look, Dr. Walker, that's all really interesting, but I disagree with all of it because the primary threat to America is white supremacists,'" he scoffed.

Later in the show, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich agreed with Carlson.

"The Obama administration had deliberately and willfully for seven years tried to avoid telling the American people the truth about an ideology which is an enormous threat to our civilization," Gingrich said, "and which is winning the war."

Watch the video below from Fox News, broadcast June 21, 2016.