Here are 5 bald-faced lies Trump just told in his major anti-Hillary speech
Donald Trump called for Muslims to be banned from entering the US following the San Bernardino attack last December (AFP Photo/Darren Hauck)

Donald Trump just gave a speech in New York attacking Hillary Clinton and, as far as Trump speeches go, it was better than most.

There's just one problem, of course: It was also loaded with bald-faced lies.

Below we'll go through the biggest, most blatant lies in Trump's latest speech.

1.) He once again claimed to be a staunch opponent of the Iraq War.

There is no doubt that Hillary Clinton's support for the Iraq War is a big, black mark on her record. But as is usually the case, Trump is being hypocritical when he trashes her for it since he himself thought it was a great idea back in 2002.

As Buzzfeed has documented, Trump told Howard Stern that he was in favor of invading Iraq and expressed none of the supposedly dire reservations that he had about the war that he now says he had.

This is such an obvious lie that no reporter with any self-respect should let him get away with it -- when he says that he was against the Iraq War, the only response should be, "No you weren't."

2.) He once again said the U.S. is the highest taxed country in the world.

Like Trump's lie about the Iraq War, this is another falsehood that he has repeated over and over again. As Politifact has tirelessly documented a number of times, the United States is ranked 31st in tax revenue as a percentage of GDP, 17th in corporate tax revenue as percentage of GDP, and 19th in tax revenue per capital among OECD countries.

What will it take to get Trump to stop repeating this lie? Basically nothing because he's impervious to facts. But no reporter should let him again say it unchallenged because it is demonstrably untrue.

3.) Trump claims we could rebuild "every inner city in America" for all the money we're spending on settling Syrian refugees.

This claim is a real howler. Per The Washington Post, the United States had allotted $1.5 billion to spend on resettling refugees in fiscal year 2015. How much would it take to rebuild "every inner city in America?" Well, let's just say a lot more than that. Let's put it like this: Billionaire Dan Gilbert bought and renovated 60 buildings in downtown Detroit... and he spent $1.3 billion to do it. Which is almost as much as what the U.S. spent on resettling refugees in 2015.

4.) Trump claimed Hillary Clinton slept through the 2012 attack in Benghazi.

In reality, Clinton testified under oath that she stayed up the entire night monitoring the situation. This is not something that Clinton would lie about under oath because she was regularly in contact with people at the State Department the whole night who would certainly contradict her if she weren't.

In fact, the only reason Clinton would lie about this is because she saw how often Trump got away with blatantly lying and she wanted to try it out for herself.

5.) Trump once again smeared immigrants by saying "Hundreds of recent immigrants and their children have been convicted of terrorism inside the U.S."

The Washington Post recently reviewed "lists of cases from 2014 and 2015, involving 76 people charged with activities relating to foreign terrorist organizations" and found that "57 were U.S. citizens, seven were lawful permanent residents and two were refugees." Trump has normally backed up this claim by saying there are "dozens and dozens more" cases that we never hear about from the government. But since he has absolutely no evidence to back up this charge, it should be tossed in the same garbage basket that contains Barack Obama's forged birth certificate and the note from Ted Cruz's dad that shows he helped plot to kill JFK.