If you have 'sellout' in your 'Warren endorses Hillary' drinking game tonight -- hand over your car keys
Elizabeth Warren (Screenshot/YouTube)

Hours after President Barack Obama endorsed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the presidency -- and hours before she was expected to do the same -- progressive Sen. Elizabeth Warren was getting hammered on her own Facebook page by fans of Bernie Sanders as a "sell out" who is no longer to be trusted.

Yes. This was not unexpected, but this doesn't exactly make me Nostradamus either.

Warren took a similar beating to her reputation back in March when she failed to endorse Sanders before the Massachusetts primary, and you would think people would have prepared themselves for the inevitable. But -- with Sanders carrying on his campaign for the foreseeable future, and despite some of his biggest boosters starting to pivot -- some Bernie folks just aren't ready to give up the fight just yet and they insisted on carrying on themselves.

Warren, was expected to make her Clinton endorsement on Rachel Maddow's MSNBC show Thursday evening, but some people wanted to beat the rush and went after the senator while she was still smacking Donald Trump around like a greasy piñata full of decaying Trump steaks during a speech earlier this evening.

And to be VERY FAIR, about half of the comments were complimenting her on her expected endorsement as well as her Trump speech.

With that in mind,  a sampling below with a warning that --if you have "sellout" in your "Things People Will Say When Elizabeth Warren Endorses Hillary" drinking game -- we'll see you sometime Sunday afternoon.

Enjoy your hospital stay.

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...and the evening is still early.