Maher assures the world: Trump's campaign is last gasp of 'America's inner a*shole'
Bill Maher delivers New Rules on 'Real Time' on June 24, 2016. (YouTube)

Bill Maher argued on Friday's Real Time that President Barack Obama really should go on an "apology tour" on behalf of the US to wrap up his second term, arguing that the country owes plenty of people an apology.

"First on my apology list is Vietnam. Sorry, Vietnam," he said. "America wanted to fight Communism in the '60s but fighting it over here might have made a mess. So we used your country. Sorry."

The host also remarked that Obama was entering the last six months of his presidency, comparing it to the period when one develops "senioritis" as they're about to graduate from high school.

"As president, that means doing some things just for fun now that it's the end," he said. "Like, I don't know, legalize pot. Put Beyonce on the nickel. Invite RuPaul to take a transgender leak in the Rose Garden. Did I mention legalize pot?"

But the US has come a long way, Maher argued, from its days of taking territory from Mexico and propping up "stooges" in other nations for its own benefit.

"Look, [Donald] Trump's campaign? That's the last dying gasp of the old America, America's inner a*shole -- the macho screaming manbaby," he insisted.

Watch Maher's commentary, as posted online on Friday, below.