Matt Damon: If the world is a computer simulation, why are we stuck in the one with Trump?
Matt Damon speaks at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's commencement ceremony on June 3, 2016. (CNN)

Matt Damon segued from discussing the "simulation theory" to a quip about Republican Donald Trump on Friday, CNN reported.

"The basic idea, as I understand it, is we could be living in a massive simulation run by a far smarter civilization -- like a giant computer game, and we don't even know it," Damon said during his commencement speech at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. "If there are multiple simulations, how come we have to be in the one where Donald Trump becomes the Republican nominee for president? Can we like transfer to a different one?"

The theory amassed renewed attention this week when Tesla Motors founder Elon Musk said there was only a "one in billions chance" that our existence is authentic and not part of a simulation.

"Maybe we should be hopeful this is a simulation, because otherwise we are going to create simulations indistinguishable from reality or civilization ceases to exist," Musk argued. "We're unlikely to go into some multimillion-year stasis."

Damon, who is supporting Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, also encouraged the graduating seniors on Friday to take their pick from "the world's worst buffet" of problems in the world that they could help solve.

"We've got congressmen on a two-year election cycle who are incentivized to think short-term and simply do not engage with long-term problems," he said. "And add to that a media that thrives on scandal and people with their pants down, anything to get you to tune in so they can hawk you products that you don't need. And add to that a banking system that steals people's money."

Watch Damon's remarks, as posted by CNN on Friday, below.