Mormons busted for luring Mexican kids with food to baptize them without parents’ permission
(Photo: Just_One_Pic / Shutterstock)

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or Mormons, have been detained in Anáhuac, Chihuahua, Mexico after residents contacted police expressing outrage when four LDS missionaries tried to baptize children without the consent of their parents.

The Salt Lake City Tribune reports that the four men were from other states in Mexico and aimed to baptize three brothers that were 9 and 11-years old without parental consent.

The boys' father, Estrada Ruiz, said that the missionaries promised the boys he would give them food if they came to the church. They were then asked to change into baptismal clothing. That's when boys became afraid and left to tell their parents what happened. The father contacted police and police arrested the men.

The local church told the children's father that the missionaries clearly failed to communicate with church leaders about the baptism and that all baptisms of children require parental consent. The church also informed Ruiz that the missionaries would be removed from the area.