Texas mayor shamed at Orlando vigil for anti-LGBT vote: 'You're part of the hurt!'
San Antonio, Texas Mayor Ivy Taylor is heckled during a vigil for Orlando shooting victims on June 16, 2016. (KENS-TV)

San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor's opposition to LGBT workplace protections was thrust back in her face during her appearance at a vigil for victims of the Orlando mass shooting, KENS-TV reported.

Taylor was booed and heckled by a group of about a dozen people in the crowd of 400 attendees on Thursday as she attempted to lead a prayer during the event.

"You're part of the hurt!" one person reportedly shouted. "Shame on you."

Another protester held up a sign saying, "Ivy's 'prayers' are political posturing."

Taylor came under criticism for her vote in 2013 against a local ordinance expanding non-discrimination statutes to cover LGBT workers. Taylor dismissed the issue, saying she "thought it was a waste of time." The measure still passed in an 8-3 vote.

The mayor downplayed her opposition to the measure while speaking to reporters after the vigil on Thursday.

"Just because I may not agree on whatever, that doesn't mean that I don't believe that what happened wasn't absolutely horrific, terrible, wrong," she said of the shooting last weekend, which resulted in the deaths of 49 people and injuries to 53 others.

However, she did not answer when asked if she regretted her vote, saying, "I came here to pray, not to talk politics."

According to San Antonio Current, Taylor chose to read a Biblical verse stating, "Blessed are those who persecute you" during the vigil.

Another speaker, Polly Anna Rocha, did not mention Taylor by name, but did call for accountability from public officials during the vigil.

"I would like to address those who are spectators of our pain, specifically to the politicians and police who do nothing to protect us any other day," said Rocha, a trans woman who performs music and poetry around the area. "I would like to say that you have contributed to the culture of violence that allows events like Orlando to occur. You have contributed to the loss of life in our community through your inaction, silence, and abuse of power."

Watch KENS' report, as aired on Friday, below.

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