'They're coming': NRA's Wayne LaPierre responds to Orlando shooting with unhinged fearmongering
Wayne LaPierre NRA speaks to CBS News (screen grab)

In the wake of the massacre at Pulse night club in Orlando, National Rifle Association (NRA) Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre argued on Sunday that American families should arm themselves because terrorists were "on the verge of overwhelming us."

LaPierre told CBS host John Dickerson that "we all mourn" for victims of the Orlando shooting, "but we face a terrorist challenge where they are on the verge of overwhelming us."

The NRA chief argued that President Barack Obama and other Democratic lawmakers were trying to "divert" attention away from terrorism by pushing an assault weapons ban and other gun safety measures.

"You can't save the country with politics," LaPierre opined. "It's all being politicized with a politically correct White House's nose and fingers in areas they don't belong."

According to LaPierre, preventing suspects on the terrorist watch list from buying guns would be "tipping off the bad guy."

"But you also don't want terrorists with guns in their hands," Dickerson pointed out.

"We need to look right in the face of what these people are, they don't care about the law," LaPierre declared. "I mean, these bad guys we're facing, they don't say, 'Oh gosh, they passed a law. Oh gosh, I don't think I can do it.' It's like what we're doing with this debate on the hill right now, it's like they are trying to stop a freight train with a piece of Kleenex."

LaPierre went on to say that the solution to dealing with terrorists in the U.S. was to "attack them."

"The fact is, we need to face what's coming," he warned. "They're trying to kill us. They're not going to attack hard targets... They're going to go for shopping malls, they're going to go for churches. The fact is, we need vigilance, we need preparedness. We need a full court press on personal protection."

"They're coming," he continued. "And they're going to try to kill us, and we need to be prepared."

"Let's get the bad guys off the street, attack the terrorists and leave the good guys alone."

Watch the video below from CBS, broadcast June 19, 2016.