Trump unveils his evangelical advisory board -- and conspiracy loon Michele Bachmann tops the list
Michele Bachmann speaks to David Barton (screen grab)

Donald Trump's claim that he's a devout Christian is certainly worthy of skepticism, which is why he's staffed up an "evangelical advisory board" full of true believers to help guide him down the righteous path of socially conservative policy positions.

Per NBC News' Ali Vitali, Trump unveiled the members of this board on Tuesday and former Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann was right at the top of the list:

Bachmann, much like Trump, has gained notoriety over the years for spouting conspiracy theories that have zero basis in reality. Among other things, she has in the past insisted that HPV vaccines posed a risk of inducing “mental retardation” in young girls and has also warned that Hezbollah plans creating missile sites in Cuba. So in many ways, she's a perfect fit for this campaign.

Other well known Evangelicals on the list include Focus on the Family chief James Dobson and Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr.