Alabama school district unbans Christian hymn 'Amazing Grace' for school band performances
Male Pupil Playing Trumpet In High School Orchestra (

The Elmore County School District in Alabama has reversed its ban on high school bands performing the Christian hymn "Amazing Grace" at school events.

According to WSFA, Elmore County Superintendent Andre Harrison initially banned the iconic tune on constitutional grounds after parents complained after they learned it would be played during high school football halftime shows.

"I was reminded that, as a public school, we simply cannot endorse a religious message in our activities," Harris said at the time. "I completely understand the frustration of some of our parents, but we have an obligation to follow the law, even when we don't want to."

But after parents supporting the Christian hymn accused the school district of catering to a small number of atheists, Harris reversed the decision.

"After word of my decision circulated, I heard from many concerned parents, and frankly I still had reservations about my initial decision," the Superintendent explained. "I asked counsel to do further research on this issue and present me with options that would keep the district in legal compliance, but permit performance of one of the most iconic songs in the history of our nation."

Watch the video below from WSFA. Montgomery Alabama news.