All charges dropped against remaining officers in the Freddie Gray case
Freddie Gray seen in a video being arrested by Baltimore officers (Screenshot)

It's official: No police officers involved in the death of Freddie Gray will face any criminal charges.

Baltimore prosecutors on Wednesday announced that they were dropping all charges against the remaining officers who were charged over Gray's death.

This news isn't that surprising, since most legal experts said that the state's best case for holding someone legally accountable for Gray's death was against Baltimore officer Caesar Goodson, who drove the van where Gray fatally injured himself and who failed to secure Gray in his seat before driving him to the police station. Goodson was acquitted of all charges last month.

Gray suffered severe spinal cord injuries during a ride in a police van in April of 2015. Prosecutors alleged that the officers involved in the case gave Gray a "rough ride" intended to hurt him on his way to the police station, although they never found conclusive evidence that this was the officers' intent.