Brian Williams hit with Internet wrath after calling Obama’s speech a 'Richard Pryor delivery'
'NBC Nightly News' host Brian Williams (Official Facebook page)

MSNBC host Brian Williams found himself being slammed on Twitter again after his take on President Barack Obama's remarks on Tuesday.

"The president was being urged by one member of the crowd to preach," Williams said following Obama's campaign appearance with Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. "He seemingly tried to at one point -- borrowing almost a Richard Pryor delivery to deliver the degree of his disgust and disdain for the other side, the comments clearly aimed at Donald Trump."

Williams' bizarre comparison between Obama and the late comedian was quickly criticized, as seen below, with at least one user bringing up the fact that Williams ended up at MSNBC following the loss of his NBC Nightly News anchor job:

Watch Williams' observation, as posted online, below.