Callous reporter visits church to prove: ‘If I was terrorist I could have killed them all’
Sky News/screen grab

A reporter for Sky News, the British sister network of Fox News, came under fire this week for callously ending a broadcast from a church by noting that he could have killed all of the worshippers if he were a terrorist.

A video clip first posted on Twitter by Bobby Faghihi shows the Sky News correspondent standing outside a church following a terrorist attack on another church in Normandy, France.

"There are no obvious signs of security at the church door," the reporter explains. "In fact, this sign at the church door says everybody is welcome."

To demonstrate the security flaw, the reporter enters the church and then reemerges.

"There are about a dozen worshippers in there and one priest," he notes. "If I was a terrorist, I could have killed them all."

The remarks were met with condemnation on Twitter.