Dan Savage rips gay GOP group: 'Sanity and motives' of any gay Republican are 'suspect'

Columnist Dan Savage slammed the Log Cabin Republicans in The Stranger on Monday and Tuesday, rebuking the idea that their advocacy of LGBTQ rights is taken seriously within their party.

"You can back the GOP or you can advocate for equal rights for LGBT people," he wrote. "You can't do both at once—and anyone who claims to be doing both is lying."

The fact that the party adopted a comprehensively anti-gay platform for this year's Republican National Convention, Savage argued, was proof that the GOP has only gotten worse on those issues in spite of the efforts of the Log Cabin group, which he described as "the most ineffectual political advocacy org this side of NAMBLA."

"The sanity and/or motives of any queer person who belongs to today's GOP are suspect—same goes for yesterday's GOP and most likely tomorrow's GOP," he said.

On Tuesday, Savage addressed a reader who accused him of being unfair toward Log Cabin president Gregory T. Angelo.

"Gregory shouldn’t be mad at me for calling bullsh*t on the entirely futile efforts of LCR, Paul, and you shouldn't be mad at me for pointing out the futility of their efforts — or the futility of your partner's efforts, for that matter, to 'put a face on gay Republicans,'" Savage said. "You should be mad at Republican leaders — leaders who have f*cked your community over at every turn — and mad at the very real bigots 'within the rank and file' of the GOP."