'He sounded like a two-bit dictator': Elizabeth Warren drops the hammer on Trump
Elizabeth Warren attacks Donald Trump on Colbert (Screen cap).

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren has been one of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's fiercest critics -- so it's not surprising she didn't think much of his big acceptance speech on Thursday night.

Talking with Stephen Colbert on Thursday, Warren acknowledged that many Americans have a lot to be angry and upset about -- but she noted that Donald Trump does not have the answers to their problems.

Among other things, she pointed out that Trump's tax plan amounts to a gigantic tax break for both himself and his family.

"What he's really talking about is what he's talked about his whole life, and that is how to improve the world for Donald Trump," she said. "He just takes care of Donald Trump: First, last and everything in between."

Warren then laid into the emotional appeal of Trump's speech, in which he pumped up his audience full of fear and then presented himself alone as the only way they could save themselves.

"He sounded like a two-bit dictator of some country that you couldn't find on a map," she said. "He sounded like the dictator of a small country rather than a man who is running for the highest office of the strongest democracy on the face of this Earth."

Check out the whole clip below.