'I'd rather attend the public hanging of a good friend': GOP insiders unload on Trump convention
Donald Trump (Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

The Republican National Convention is set to kick off next week, and it has all the makings of a tremendous disaster.

Even if a large portion of convention delegates weren't planning a coup against the presumptive nominee, the convention would still be a disaster because it would end with the nomination of Donald Trump as president.

Because of this, many Republican politicians and operatives are avoiding the convention like the plague. In interviews with Politico, many operatives describe their fear and loathing of next week's convention in hilariously blunt terms.

"I would rather attend the public hanging of a good friend," GOP digital strategist Will Ritter tells the publication.

"Normally, we’re all jazzed up about getting together and celebrating our nominee," said GOP pollster Chris Perkins. "There’s nothing to celebrate this cycle. I’m going because I have to, not because I want to."

"I don’t want anything close to the appearance of supporting Trump," said GOP strategy Jason Roe. "This ship can sink without me as a passenger."

The best quote, however, might be from a longtime GOP insider who will be going to the convention but who begged Politico to not reveal his identity because he was so ashamed of attending.

"Don’t use my name," he said. "I don’t want anyone to know I’m there."

Check out the whole piece -- which is jam-packed with even more hilarious quotes -- at this link.