Jerry Springer urges 'Bernie or Bust' fans to reconsider: 'Think of the consequences' for minorities
Jerry Springer makes the case for Hillary Clinton to Bernie voters on The Young Turks (Screen cap).

Talk show host Jerry Springer isn't someone we normally think of as a progressive champion --but he's nonetheless got a message for "Bernie or Bust" voters who are refusing to consider Hillary Clinton this fall.

Speaking with Ana Kasparian of The Young Turks, Springer said that Donald Trump's candidacy was simply too dangerous for anyone to sit out of the election this fall.

"It's hard for a serious person to say, 'Yeah, I think Donald Trump ought to be president of the United States,'" Springer said. "It shows a total disrespect for our country, and put politics aside -- it has nothing to do with Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative... The idea that you have such disrespect for our country that you think you can be the leader of the free world, president of our beloved nation, when you you have never, ever run a government of any size, you have no idea how to provide public services... and you're saying, 'For my first job, I think I want to be president.'"

Springer then addressed people who aren't concerned enough about a prospective Trump presidency to vote for Hillary Clinton in the fall.

"Be a minority for a minute and imagine Donald Trump as president," he said. "Imagine if you're a Muslim, imagine if you're a Hispanic, imagine if you're an African American and you're living with a man that degrades you... I mean good Lord! We can have points of view, and debate them, and move in that direction, but think of the consequences."

Check out the whole video below.