Joe Biden: 'Show a little class' -- Bernie voters will come around and vote for Hillary
Vice President Joe Biden addresses the HRC annual banquet in 2015 (Photo: Sarah Burris)

Vice President Biden on Tuesday downplayed the recent clashes between supporters of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, according to The Hill.

Biden said Sanders supporters had a right "to have an outburst."

"Look, they worked hard," he told reporters at the DNC. "We ought to show a little class and let them be frustrated for awhile. It is OK. They're all going to end up voting for her, Hillary."

Watch video below:

Some of Sanders supporters have loudly booed and jeered during the Democratic convention. Others have interrupted speakers with "Bernie" chants.

But Biden said he doesn't believe the so-called "Bernie or Bust" movement has many supporters. He said such outbursts were "normal."

“I do not think there’s any fracture in the party,” Biden said, according to the Daily Caller. “I wish we could put something on every Sanders delegate walking into a booth. If we were able to find out, I’d bet you everything I have that hardly anyone is going to pull the lever for Trump. Come on man. You kidding me?”