Samantha Bee mocks Trump for hiring Omarosa: 'Guess Stacey Dash wasn't available'
Samantha Bee (Photo: Screen capture)

Many members of the African-American community have taken issue with Trump's new chair of African American outreach: The former winner of 'The Apprentice' Omarosa Manigault. Tuesday evening before the Republican National Convention got started, comedian Samantha Bee dropped a quick promotional video for her upcoming special, airing Wednesday.

"Today was the first day of the RNC," Bee said, a day later. "But really, isn't it all just one big, long, black, chilling night?"

After mocking the bizarre hashtag the RNC choose, rncincle, and trying to pronounce it, Bee brought up Omarosa.

“She’s uniquely qualified since she’s the only African-American the campaign has ever reached out to," Bee mocked. "She's going to do great. Oh, I guess Stacey Dash wasn't available. Fine."

Bee also wanted everyone to know that she'd be posting updates throughout the week on the #RNCinCLE. She's doing it, not so much to talk about the convention, but to let people know her location for safety purposes.

Check out the full video below. We'll bring you the highlights of Bee on Wednesday: