Stephen Colbert: Hillary's nomination 'biggest breakthrough since women won right to bust ghosts'
Stephen Colbert (Photo: Screen capture)

Supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) spent the week of the Democratic National Convention coming up with some creative ways to show their support for their candidate. But, according to "Late Show" host Stephen Colbert, it was the "insurgent fart-in" that was truly art.

"Bernie supporters, and I'm not making this up,” Colbert clarified, "scarfed down beans and went to the convention center as part of a 'fart-in' protest. Now, some might question this tactic. But I remind you it was part of a long tradition of political activism. After all, it was Patrick Henry who so famously declared, 'Give me liberty — or pull my finger!'

Colbert said that he got goosebumps from the historic moment of a major party nominating a woman. "It's the biggest breakthrough for women since they won the right to bust ghosts."

Tim Kaine also made history when he spoke on Wednesday night. "He accepted the nomination to become the 48th consecutive white male vice president. The streak continues!"

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi also spoke Thursday night and worked hard to appeal to Democrats' shared values. She made an impassioned plea for the future of America being decided by "the voices of the voters not the pocketbooks of the powerful." She also declared a need for a "government of the many, not a government of the money."

Colbert saw some irony here. "That rousing call to get big money out of politics resounded throughout every corner of the Wells Fargo arena. From the CNN Grill to the Comcast Infinity live complex."

Chelsea Clinton came out and introduced her mom, but first, there was one of those fancy biographical videos that aired and told Clinton's story. The most notable thing was that it was narrated by Morgan Freeman. "I'm not going to say Hillary is going to win evangelicals, but you'll notice that that was narrated by God."

In the video, Clinton describes the first time she met her future husband in law school. She recalls asking a friend about a certain man, and her friend said was Bill Clinton from Arkansas — and that's all he talked about. "and that's all he talks about." When she walked by him she overheard him talking about how they grow the biggest watermelons in the country.

"And thus began a lifetime of Bill Clinton saying things that would later sound really pervy," Colbert joked.

But then, Clinton made history: She announced that she accepted her party's nomination as president of the United States.

"And just remember, somewhere in that room, a Bernie supporter was trying to rip a fart," Colbert said.

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