'This is ridiculous': RNC spokesperson throws tantrum on CNN after FBI declines to indict Hillary
Sean Spicer speaks to CNN (screen grab)

Republican National Committee (RNC) chief strategist Sean Spicer insisted on Tuesday that the FBI had issued a "clear indictment" of Hillary Clinton's judgement even though it declined to recommend a formal indictment against the presumptive Democratic nominee.

"These findings of the FBI are a clear indictment on Hillary Clinton's judgement and fitness to be president," Spicer argued. "The office that she's seeking requires the highest level of judgement, making sure that our nation's secrets are protected."

CNN host Kate Bolduan pointed out that FBI Director James Comey had said that "no reasonable prosecutor" would bring charges against Clinton.

"This is someone who wants to be president, Kate!" Spicer exclaimed.

"Thank you, I know," the CNN host snapped back. "Do you trust that the FBI conducted a fair investigation?"

"Well, it sounds like it," Spicer admitted. "The findings that they made are very clear that she did exhibit poor judgement, that it was reckless by their account. And it is not their job to decide whether it is formally prosecuted."

CNN's John Berman observed that Trump had called Comey's decision "very very unfair."

"I'm not a lawyer," Spicer said. "If she had followed the law and used a State Department account or even used a private system like the director pointed out like Gmail then this wouldn't be a problem. She chose to set up a system for herself around the rules that were established for everybody else for a reason. And that reason is she didn't want people to know what she was doing."

"Any other employee that works at the State Department that did what she did would have their security clearance pulled and would be facing charges," he added. "This is absolutely ridiculous."

"Donald Trump in his tweet called this 'very very unfair,'" Bolduan pressed. "Do you think the investigation was unfair or do you agree with your candidate who thinks it was 'very very unfair.'"

Parsing the question, Spicer asserted that the investigation was fair, but he said that Trump was right about the decision not to recommended prosecution.

"The system clearly looks like when the FBI turned it over, the Department of Justice has already seemed to make it very clear what they're going to do with this," he lamented.

Watch the video below from CNN, broadcast July 5, 2016.