WATCH: Trump pivots to the general election by questioning whether Cruz's dad killed JFK -- again
Trump speaks in Ohio (Photo: Screen capture)

After last night's big address at the Republican National Convention, Donald Trump has officially started to pivot toward the general election... by attacking Ted Cruz.

During a rambling post-convention press conference in Cleveland, Trump couldn't resist taking more swipes at Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who emerged as his fiercest rival during the GOP primaries.

As he bashed Cruz, he couldn't help but reignite an insane conspiracy theory claiming the Cruz's father Rafael may have helped Lee Harvey Oswald plot to kill President Kennedy in 1963.

Specifically, Trump said that no one ever denied that Cruz's father appeared beside Lee Harvey Oswald in an old photo printed in The National Enquirer. Trump said that the Enquirer was a great newspaper "with a lot of credibility" that deserved to win the Pulitzer prize for its expose of former Sen. John Edwards' affair.

In true Trump fashion, he also weaseled out of taking any responsibility for promoting insane tabloid conspiracies.

"I have no control over anything," he said. "I might’ve pointed it out."

For the record, there is absolutely, positively zero evidence linking Rafael Cruz to JFK's assassination. Read this Snopes article if you want the details.

Also during the conference, Trump said that he would refuse Cruz's endorsement if he offered it and denied that he'd attacked Cruz's wife Heidi for being ugly.

Check out the whole video below.