Trump suggests Obama's body language reveals hatred of cops: 'There's something going on'
Donald Trump speaks to CNN on June 3, 2016.

Donald Trump likes to hint at dark conspiracy theories about President Obama by insisting there's "something going on" that explains his behavior that we don't know about.

He previously said that there's "something going on" with Obama that suggests he may secretly support Islamist terrorist attacks, and he was back at it again this morning by claiming that there's "something going on" with Obama's body language that shows he hates police officers.

Trump explained to Fox & Friends on Monday that while watching the president deliver his remarks condemning the shooting of police officers in Baton Rouge on Sunday, he noticed something off about the way he carried himself.

"I listened to the president and sometimes his words are okay, but you just look at the body language, there's something going on," Trump said. "There's something going on."

"What does that mean, 'There's something going on?'" asked Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy.

"There's just bad feeling," Trump replied. "And a lot of bad feeling about him. I see it too. We have a country that has not been like this since I can remember it."

The Fox & Friends hosts didn't really know how to react to this and tried to change the subject after a couple of seconds of uncomfortable silence -- it seems that even they regretted asking Trump to elaborate on his observations about the secret meanings of Obama's anti-cop body language.

Check out the full clip below.