WATCH: Black conservative nukes 'amateur hour' Trump for repeatedly posting racist memes
Tara Setmayer rips into Donald Trump for posting racist memes on CNN (Screen cap)

When it comes to retweeting racist memes produced by white supremacists, Donald Trump just can't help himself.

Republican strategist Tara Setmayer went on CNN on Tuesday to tear apart Trump's claim that an anti-Semitic meme that he posted over the weekend was supposed to depict a sheriff's star and not a Star of David.

"When I heard this sheriff’s star nonsense yesterday, that this was the excuse, I looked at my husband – who is a federal law enforcement officer, by the way, who was very offended by the implication that a sheriff’s star was what this was instead of the Star of David – the first thing he said when he looked at that was, 'A sheriff’s star has points on it,'" she said. "This is one of the nonsense excuses that this campaign is using to make up for their incompetence and the fact that they are running an amateur hour presidential campaign."

Setmayer went on to say that she could excuse this sort of thing if it were the first time Trump had posted a horrendously offensive meme that was created by white supremacists, but in reality he's now done this on multiple occasions.

"But this is not the first, second, third or fourth time that Donald Trump has gotten in trouble for retweeting things from white supremacists," she said.

Check out the full clip below.