WATCH: Rising right-wing star tries to take down Van Jones -- but gets taught an epic lesson instead
Van Jones and Owen Shroyer (Screenshot)

CNN commentator Van Jones verbally sparred with a conservative journalist -- and even some bystanders -- for nearly 30 minutes on the street outside the Republican National Convention last week.

Owen Shroyer approached Jones for an interview in Cleveland -- and Jones eagerly accepted the challenge.

Shroyer, who sometimes goes by the online moniker “Carl the Cuck Slayer,” has found support from the so-called “alt-right” movement and is now being promoted by Alex Jones’ InfoWars website. A video of him confronting anti-Trump protesters recently went viral.

Shroyer frequently criticizes the Black Lives Matter movement, and brought that topic up repeatedly during his interview with Jones.

Jones pointed out that Shroyer accepted the Justice Department’s decision not to charge Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson for killing Michael Brown, but refused to acknowledge that the same Justice Department uncovered systemic racism within the Ferguson police department.

Shroyer refused to address Jones' point -- and instead tried to change the topic. But Jones didn't allow the conversation to veer off in another direction.

"The only thing you see in Ferguson, and this is where my heart breaks, the only thing you see in Ferguson is that there was a protest about a case that later turned out to be a false situation," Jones said. "And yet the same department also -- who you already said was credible -- came out and said that there was massive, widespread abuse of the black population, which is part of why they believed what was going on. And yet with that, I don't see the same level of concern. It is much worse to me to hear that a whole police department has been giving extra tickets to a community -- that's terrible -- than if somebody was wrong about some protest."

Jones also shot down suggestions that his support for the Black Lives Matter movement meant he was anti-police.

"I believe in law and order, I just want the police to obey the law too. I don't want anyone going to a funeral, black or blue."

The half-hour conversation apparently left Shroyer with a new opinion of Jones.

"I've been one of the biggest haters of Vans Jones, probably, on the Internet and I'm going to go ahead and walk back some of my hate for Van Jones," he said. "I've got a lot of respect for the fact that he just stopped and had a conversation with me. And I would also say it's kind of tough, and I don't know if he would admit to this, but I would say the Van Jones we just interviewed here on the streets was himself and the Van Jones who gets in front of the cameras on CNN is the talking head."

Shroyer also hoped Jones would "come over to Infowars" instead of only addressing "brainwashed" liberals.

Watch the video below: