'You should be hung for treason': Top Trump ally threatens anti-Trump GOP delegate
Carl Paladino (WGRZ)

We knew that the Trump campaign was going to go after anti-Trump Republican delegates, but now it looks like one Trump ally has crossed the line from lobbying to threat making.

WGRZ news reporter Danny Spewak has posted an email sent from top Trump ally Carl Paladino to Utah Republican delegate Stefani Williams that tells her she deserves to be hung if she tries to overthrow Trump at the RNC.

"You should be hung for treason, Stefani," Paladino wrote. "There will not be a Republican Party if you attempt to replace Trump. I'll be in your face in Cleveland."

Williams had been lobbying to free up delegates to vote their consciences against Donald Trump at the convention next week. Although this effort failed, many delegates have still said that they can never support Trump.

You'd like to think that this kind of email sent from Paladino would lead the Trump campaign to ax him as a surrogate but... don't hold your breath.